CPD Rebranding

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a department that was formed on October 2012 to ensure effective implementation of the CPD Scheme under the umbrella of Bar Council Malaysia. It is dedicated to assist and support lawyers by providing a wide range of CPD activities in different practice areas through various training platforms. CPD also focuses to ensure lawyers have regular access to essential information in of the CPD Scheme.

The following are a series of identity rebranding and website user interface/ user experience (UI/UX) design concept developed for CPD.


The staircase represents multiple meanings for CPD. It is a link between one floor and another that is higher – linking ambitions and reality, ideas and opportunities. It also represents ascension, improvement and upward mobility. Moreover, it simplifies the long-distance learning journey for lawyers.

Identity Design Concept

Website UI/UX Design Concept

Home Page A, Parent – About Us

Home Page A, Parent – CPD Coffee Corner

Toggle Menu

Child – University of London

Home Page A, Parent – Contact Us

Home Page B, Parent – Latest Happenings

Home Page B, Parent – Sijil Annual

Home Page B, Parent – Help

Responsive Design

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