Semifinalist in Print Communication Category of Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2014


Today, we live in a world where adequate resources are available, but it seems that we often take them for granted, as we become obsessed with personal benefits, such as status, power and money by exploiting the precious gifts from God. People who own more goods and money usually would be considered as those with high social status. It is a cultural paradigm where social status plays an important role when it comes to defining a ‘successful’ man.

Our mindset could not be changed in a day or two. Even tomorrow, we would still remain the same. Thus, this project aimed to create a satirical on this social phenomenon.

Logically speaking, jewelries are made from natural minerals, and they are rare, precious, and expensive, and can only owned by people with high social status.

If viewers do not pay enough attention, they would not realize that all the images are actually the combination of distorted portraitures and natural elements, such as sky, river, flora and fauna. They are digitally superimposed into jewelries-like kaleidoscopic images to resemble an iris.

When examine closer, they are not jewelries but mere illusions.

© Ruey’s Portfolio. All rights reserved.

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