Photo retrieved from page 16 of Sin Chew Plus (Education) on 31 July 2012.


The article introduces Yoong Ruey’s art philosophy in portrait drawing, as well as the source of his art inspiration. It explains on the impact of drawing and how it shapes him into a persistent person.

The passion in art brings Yoong Ruey further when he learns about the different drawing techniques and styles from his lecturers and the artists he met. What he loves in portrait drawing is that he finds an ordinary paper can be turned into something priceless. He chooses to draw people around him, especially my family and friends because they are the closest ones who foster with long-lasting bond with him. Every pieces contain traces of his feeling from that particular moment when he was drawing. He believes that pieces he had done carries different messages in which, he hopes, they could be portrayed through the drawing itself.

Undoubtedly, drawing is his hobby since young, and he wishes to keep up the passion so that it could drive him further to the next level.

© Ruey’s Portfolio. All rights reserved.

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